Posted by: powermama | June 12, 2008

Giada, Cleavage And All

While it was incredibly frustrating to have to continuously glance back at the recipe page while the picture of Giada, cleavage and all, was thrust into my line of vision, I have to say, her recipes speak louder than her blatant, tacky display of sexuality. Nonetheless, her Pizza Rustico was phenomenal. Albeit, it did take a bit of preparation, especially making the crust. But I don’t mind making crust or dough the night before because I have a fool-proof method. Actually, it’s not really my method, per se, it’s Alton Brown’s. The two key items for the perfect crust are a food processor and a large zip-lock bag.

At any rate, Giada’s assortment of salted meats, spinach, and a ricotta cheese mixture are combined to make a pizza pie that is to die for. I can’t imagine any child, or adult, for that matter, that would turn his or her nose up at it. Unfortunately, it’s a bit labor intensive for the mom who must put it together after coming home from teaching class and before heading out again to attend aerobics. I couldn’t have done it unless Cal was keeping Ethan occupied.

On the other hand, the previous night I threw together one of her more simplistic pasta recipes in thirty minutes. It was her thimble pasta which consisted of a mere 4 ingredients, and it was delicious, of course. Is there anything Giada can’t do?



  1. Could I please have the recipe and method for your crust – from Alton Brown? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t write out full recipes because I don’t want to infringe on any copyright laws. But the crust is in his book: I’m Just Here For More Food, page 162, Basic Pie Dough. You might also be able to find it on the Food Network site.

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